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Eat and manage your weight in a

Healthy, easy &
delicious way.

Created to provide
personalized healthy menu plans


Made by a registered dietitian just for you.

Let's get started on your new Journey!

Conoce dietas

Dietvana focuses primarily on those who are ready to take control of the way they are eating and want to make a change to nourish their body, and at the same time, lose weight and stay healthy.


Thousands have been helped and we can gladly help you with any nutrition-related concerns including weight loss, diabetes management and more.

Parallel Lines

Mónica Capille


Hi, I am Monica a Registered dietitian with over 15 years of experience in both clinical and private practice nutrition and dietetic counseling.  I have counseled thousands of clients for simple weight loss to complex nutrition requirements and am ready to help you today to make healthy lifestyle changes for improved health and happiness!


Introduction (English)

Introduccion (Español)


Get to know
Plans for you!

and the step-by-step 
process to begin your Journey.

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