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Mónica Capille


Hi, I am Monica a Registered dietitian with over 15 years of experience in the world of nutrition and dietetic. I am ready to help you today to make a healthy lifestyle change that will give you health and happiness!


I consulted thousands of patients per year on nutrition best practice to manage a broad range of health-related conditions and complications. My desire is to educate and motivate patients like you that are looking for a dietitian that spends time with you and listens to your personal questions about nutrition. 

Mission Statement  

Dietitian Services


“At Dietvana, we are dedicated to revolutionizing nutritional guidance in the digital age. Our mission is to recognize the uniqueness of every person and tailor our recommendations to align with each individual's goals, lifestyle, and health needs. Making evidence-based, personalized dietary counseling accessible to everyone, anytime, and anywhere. Through our user-friendly platform, we connect individuals with qualified dietitians, offering support that fits seamlessly into modern lifestyles. We believe in the power of technology to bridge gaps in health and nutrition, fostering a world where informed dietary choices are at everyone's fingertips."


Vision Statement

Virtual Dietitian Services


"In a world rapidly transitioning to digital,Dietvana envisions a future where quality nutrition advice isn't bound by geography or time. We aspire to lead the evolution of virtual dietary counseling, making it a norm rather than an exception.Dietvana seeks to be a beacon of knowledge, support, and empowerment. We strive to bridge the gap between health aspirations and achievable outcomes, making personalized nutrition and sustainable healthy lifestyles a shared reality for our diverse community."



Pre Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus

Weight Loss

Weight Management

Healthy Cooking

Meal Planning

Diet and Detoxification

Enteral Nutrition

and More



Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration from Florida Atlantic University.


Bachelor's  degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Florida International University.


Bachelor 's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics  from Universidad Evangélica de El Salvador.

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