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Super foods for a Super You!

Dietvana would like to share nutrient powerhouse foods that make you feel great and energetic every day and of course they are part of a healthy menu.

The foods that we are going to list must be on our supermarket list every week because they have incredible properties to mention a few:

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Rich in prebiotic and probiotics

  • Anti-carcinogenic

  • Low in calories

  • Rich in fiber

  • Decrease cholesterol

  • Plus they provide a lot of positive energy every day.

A list of superfoods and how to incorporate superfoods in your daily menu is below::

Avocado ~ use as a healthy alternative instead of butter in your breads

Wild Blueberries ~ make a blueberry smoothie for breakfast to energize your morning

Berries ~ make a great snack

Garlic ~ use garlic to flavor your meals and dressings made at home

Olives and Olive Oil ~ olives are great for savory snacks

Broccoli ~ broccoli is a great side dish for dinner

Cauliflower ~ cauliflower rice is a great substitute for rice to help with weight loss and assist in lowering blood glucose.

Dark Chocolate ~ eat dark chocolate when your body asks for something sweet and accompany it with some fresh strawberries

Asparagus ~ excellent side dish to accompany grilled protein or fish

Kale, Spinach ~ have a very nutritious salad with these ingredients

Yogurt and Kefir ~ try to make your own yogurt or kefir at home to strengthen the immune system. Add chia seeds and fruit to make it a super breakfast

Lime, lemon or citrus fruits ~ add orange, kiwi or grapefruit to your breakfast. Alternatively, drink lemonade made with stevia at noon or make a healthy homemade dressing with olive oil, spices and garlic for your salads.

Sweet Potatoes ~ excellent complex carbohydrate you can eat it at lunch or dinner in recommended amounts

Bell pepper ~ excellent low carb side dish, roasted peppers are very delicious

Beans ~ mix beans in your salad, as a plant based protein

Pineapple ~ delicious snack option with many anti-inflammatory properties

Salmon ~ include salmon twice a week to increase your intake of Omega 3,6

Nuts ~ preferably unsalted as snacks or you can have nut butter in the morning instead of animal fat. Add nuts to your salads to get the energy going

Beet ~ rich in folate helps the proper functioning of the brain, strengthens bones, helps growth, have to include them in meals such as salads or bowls

Flax and Chia Seeds ~ are powerful seeds packed with antioxidants, omega 3, minerals and fiber add them to your yogurt or kefir to strengthen your immune system


You can make flaxseed or chia seed water to reduce inflammation. In a glass of water of approximately 240 milliliters 8 ounces place 1 teaspoon of flaxseed or chia and stir. Wait for it to soak for 6-12 hours so that it forms a gel. When 6-12 hours have passed use a strainer (separate the water from the seeds) to only drink the water with the gel from the seeds and then consume.

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