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Table Olives

There is no doubt that the Mediterranean diet has many benefits for our health. In this article Dietvana will discuss a well known daily staple, table olives.

Olives are a product of the olive tree (Olea Europaea L.). Many of their benefits will depend on the way they are grown, the maturity of the fruit and the fermentation process used to make them an edible product. The most important nutritional value is the richness they have in monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), oleic acid is the most abundant, they also have very good amounts of Vitamin E, several phytochemical substances and fiber.

Monounsaturated fatty acid benefits:

  • Decreased blood pressure

  • Decreased cholesterol production and total cholesterol levels

  • Decreased insulin resistance

  • Nourishes the immune system

  • Decreased inflammation

  • Helps the functioning of the nervous system and the brain.

Vitamin E benefits:

  • Protects membranes from cell damage

  • Decreases inflammation

  • Decreases the aging process of the nervous system

  • Decreases dementia, Alzheimer's or multiple sclerosis

Phytochemicals such as luteolin, caffeic acid, verbascoside benefits:

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Prevents cancer or decrease the spread and growth of cancer cells

  • Prevents the toxicity of chemotherapy and radiotherapy

  • Decreases premature aging

  • Reduces exercise-related fatigue

  • Helps heal the skin

Dietvana recommends you enjoy table olives for their great health benefits in the following ways:

  • Fresh olives as appetizers

  • Afternoon snacks

  • Add olives to salads

  • Add olives to recipes such as chicken with olives

  • Garnish white fish or salmon with olives


Choose the freshest olives on the market since the freshness of the fruit makes it contain more nutritional properties.

Dietvana uses this information to create a healthy, nutrient-rich diet plans.

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