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We Have Our Eyes on You!

May is Healthy Vision Month! Dietvana is excited to share nutritional recommendations to keep your eyes healthy!

One important way to maintain healthy eyes is by including high level of vitamin A, lutein, carotenoids, zeaxanthin and polyphenols in your diet. The following foods are rich in these nutrients

​Apricots Berries Blueberries Broccoli Brussel sprout Carrots Cantaloupe Chili pepper Celery Collard greens Leafy greens Lettuce


Mangos Salmon Spinach Olives Oranges Papaya Peppers Tangerines Tomatoes Turnip greens


Pairing foods from this list with olive oil can significantly increase the ability for nutrient absorption by the body.

Use the following spices that contain polyphenols:






Drinks that have Polyphenols include



Awesome ideas to eat right for your sight include:

Fruit smoothies

Fresh salads with pieces of fruit such as tangerines, oranges or berries

Salads prepared with beans and olives

Collard greens with chili peppers

Yogurt and half a cup of mango

Yogurt and half cup of cantaloupe

Egg white with tomatoes and spinach

Veggie omelet with pepper and tomatoes

Soups such as tomato and carrots

Pepper and hummus

Baby carrots, celery and dressing as snacks

Simple raw vegetables as snacks

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